Oops: Nikon’s Production Run for Z9 Revised down to 3,500

Nov 8, 2021 | Bodies, News, Nikon

Japanese Newspaper Nikkei published a correction indicating that instead of 35,000 Z9s getting produced per month, the world will see only 3,500 cameras come off the lines monthly.

lame nikon z9 teaser

Was a young man when I made the pre-order

This is significantly fewer units per month than Nikon currently produces for the D6 DSLR (5,000). If early reports prove true, the first year’s production of 40,000 cameras would barely cover current pre-orders for China alone. This could imply greater-than-a-year waits for the Z9 across most markets.

The silver lining is that Nikon may well have some professional super telephoto glass in Z mount in a couple years.

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