R5c A Coming, Release Date Likely Slipping

Dec 14, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors, Video

As with death, taxes, and snarky camera forum criticisms, it was inevitable that the reported future release date of the video-centric version of the Canon EOS R5, the R5c, would slip from January to “first quarter.” This has come to pass, and likely precedes the inevitable move to “2022,” “late 2022,” and finally “delayed due to supply chain issues.”

flaming r5The camera is rumored to sport a niftier computer inside; more video codecs;  various video features such as timecode in/out; unlimited 8K recording; active cooling; and more hearty video out ports. It will likely not come with an in-built neutral density filter.

The relative video bang-for-buck between the two-year-old R5 and the R5c might be relatively minimal if the R5 were equipped with an ND adapter and a Ninja V+ external recorder, which accomplishes unlimited 8K recording. While the camera would likely feature a fat profit margin due to reuse of amortized research and a manufacturing process and parts list that has been optimized for at least two years, it could also further cut into the low end of Canon’s cinema line of cameras unless some extra nerfing is included. Given all the variables, much speculation is likely to circulate for the likely long time it will take to announce this coming camera.

Rumors of a high-resolution version of the R5 have subsided, with some of that energy going into the (probably less likely) idea that the future Canon EOS R1 flagship will break tradition and come out as a resolution monster.

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