Rumor Site Augurs Lumix Prediction from Numerology

Jan 10, 2022 | Bodies, L-Mount, Panasonic, Rumors

Yes, Nokishita – the ever-giving source of accurate camera rumors for years – is gone. But this is showing a bit of desperation, with Youtube’s Ordinary Filmmaker and taking a T-Shirt worn by a Lumix Ambassador Youtuber to mean that the new GH6 will be released in February.

lumix date rumor

Here at Camnostic, we sacrificed a lamb and pored through the entrails, and the alignments failed to corroborate 43Rumors’ prognostications. Nor did a tea leaves analysis. (An augury of crow behavior was inconclusive.)

When the a Lumix Ambassador posted a video while wearing a shirt that read, “2•2•2•6,” some jumped to the conclusion that this indicated the GH6 release date. What date you make out of that series of numbers can differ depending on which odd, non-standard syntax of dates your own personal fever dream dictates. 43Rumors chose February 6th. Our own closest read would be February 2nd. Or perhaps it’s a spec and not a date, with the camera disappointedly providing only 2:2:2 throughput at 6k.

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