Tuck In, Pentaxians, K-3 III Variants on Menu for Foreseeable Future

Jan 3, 2022 | Pentax, Rumors

Pentax doesn’t have the research and development budgets of the larger firms. They don’t even belong to a larger conglomerate flush with medtech cash that can subsidize traditional photography products. This is why their body release cadence is a big ponderous. So, generating some excitement about the K-3 III released mid-pandemic, Pentax announced they too will have variants. Some K-3 III versions will have different colors; one will have a souped-up shutter button; and yet another will be designed for astronomy. Still another will be designed specifically for monochrome photography.


Now, this is Pentax, so hopes shouldn’t run unbound. The ideas are the list of options that Pentax might finish designing and release. Even further out is an active discussion about what they might do in the full frame universe.

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