Tamron Designed New F/2, F/2.8, F/4 Standard Zooms

Jan 5, 2022 | Lenses, News, Patents, Tamron

Tamron patents show work being done on some slightly-focal-length-limited standard zoom lenses ranging in aperture from f/2 to f/4.

Tamron patent for standard zoom

The F/2 version ranges from only 25-50mm, harkening back to Sigma’s 24mm to 35mm f/2 that was frequently criticized for its short range, despite prime-like image quality through the range.

The lens designs show a great number of lens elements, suggesting much correction baked-in, and likely a high image quality and associated price.

The designs include a 20-40mm f/2.8; a 20-50mm f/2.8; a 25-50mm f/2;  a 28-72mm f/2.8; and a 28-72mm f/4 to boot.

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