Crud. Delkin CFexpress Type A Cards Cost 88% Sony Price

Feb 19, 2022 | Accessories, CFexpress Type A, CFexpress Type B, News, Sony

Users of CFexpress Type A cards – mostly Sony shooters – held out some hope that Delkin would come to the rescue when they announced they would offer the smallest of the CFexpress card types. Pricing just came out today, and at least initially, the Delkin price for the lower-end of its two models will be 88 percent the cost of the Sony cards.

ProGrade CFexress Type AA 160GB card will set you back $350, versus Sony’s $400. The Delkin Black model will costs $365.

We have no doubt the new Delkin cards are fast and reliable. Delkin’s SD cards and CFexpress Type B have been reviewed here and here respectively, showing they’re among the best, and often the best value.

ProGrade already offered a Sony alternative, also for $365. The $3 per GB compares unfavorably to the CFexpress Type B cards, which can be had at capacities of up to 2000 GB and at prices as low as $0.30 per GB. Those Type B cards are also quite a bit faster.

No one offers cards greater than 160GB.

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