Fuji Borked Mac Users with Latest Firmware

Feb 7, 2022 | Bodies, Bugs, Firmware, Fuji, Legal, News, Software

Fuji’s most recent firmware updates for X and GFX series cameras are creating incompatibilities and, in some cases, even file losses for shooters who also happen to use Mac computers.

Fujifilm xt30iiIf files are first saved on SDXC memory cards, Macs might be unable to access the files, according to an email sent out to registered uses. Cameras affected include the GFX 100, 100S, 50S II; and the X-Pro3, T4, S10,E4,T30 II and 100V.

Forum dwellers may be familiar with some user complaints among Fuji shooters earlier in the year who were finding that their Macs could see only 4,096 files on cards that the camera showed were filled with many more files.

In a dark turn, it appears that force-ejecting cards with more than 4,096 files from a Mac, rather than “unmounting” them before removal, can result in the loss of the files.

Fuji indicates it’ll have a firmware update for the cameras shortly.

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