Leofoto Design Change Suggests Firm Evolution

Feb 18, 2022 | Accessories, Equipment, News, Stabilization, Tripods

Leofoto came onto the crowded tripod making scene as a Chinese knock-off manufacturer of high-end brands. And they were really quite good at it, delivering legs that were roughly as good as the spendy brands. But unlike many such companies, Leofoto started riffing off of those designs and improving them.

leofoto ls-284cToday they DC Watch reports (Japanese) a design improvement for stability on their main tripod line that looks an awful lot like the Really Right Stuff legs. They are pushing out the angle of the legs to 25 degrees from 23 degrees, sacrificing a little height for greater stability, especially the twisting axis, which users have indicated can wobble when slewing quickly with video heads that have high resistance.

Leofoto is offering a $73 retrofitting service in Japan for users of the existing legs in those models (LS-365C, LS-365CEX, LS-324C, LS-324CEX, LS-284C, LS-284CEX).

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