OM Teases Pic of ‘Wow’ Camera

Feb 1, 2022 | Bodies, MFT, Rumors

OM System (formerly Olympus) threw a partial and obscured image of its new “wow” camera on a promotion for its presentation at the 2022 CP+ show.  This suggests we might get an announcement on the body on the 24th.

OM System 2022 CP showThe picture itself shows nothing more than the standard buttons and ergonomics seen on other OM bodies, partially showing the top half of the camera from the front.

As seems required of all Japanese camera manufacturers, the photo was taken in almost complete darkness, with off camera lighting providing dramatic shadows. The companies with the better marketing departments ensure that at least one physical difference is apparent in the chiaroscuro side-lighting. OM either opted not to do this, or the ‘wow’ body is essentially identical to its most recent offerings.

OM System’s sales have been essentially suspended as of six weeks ago. They were supposed to have an online store up by now, but retailers in Japan indicated they’ve been told that it will be mid-February before they have things sorted out.

OM System changed its name from OM Digital a few weeks ago. A few months before that it was Olympus’s camera division.

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