Panasonic Lumix GH6 Spec Sheet Leaks

Feb 17, 2022 | Bodies, MFT, Panasonic, Rumors

The new GH6 looks to be an OM-1 beater, except Panasonic is sticking with its wobbly DFD autofocus system. So you can have 20 percent higher resolution, and two times the frame rate when shooting 4k – or even shoot 6k – but your video image is likely to suffer from some amount of focus jitters.

gh5 iiThe spec sheet leaked to

The newly-announced OM-1 from OM System (formerly Olympus) provides worthy competition, if not some of the wow factor that the GH6 provides, particularly on the higher video frame rates. But the OM-1 shows radically improved tracking and has always benefited from the accurate autofocus methods that all the other camera manufacturers – save Panasonic – use.

MFT cameras have long appealed to people looking for smaller cameras and cheaper cameras. This is not the direction either company went with their new releases. Already the message boards for MFT fans are expressing disappointment mainly along these lines.

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