Sony, Canon Hi-Res Moves Leading to ‘Peak Fuji?’

Feb 22, 2022 | Bodies, Discussion, Editorial, Fuji, Landscape, Lenses

With Sony rumored to be coming out with a medium-format killer set of bodies with more than 150 megapixels, and Canon rumored to be coming out with a 75 megapixel high resolution body, Fuji’s cheaper-than-car medium format niche may suddenly get flooded by the two top manufacturers. Couple that with the rumors of a crop lenses coming in the Canon RF mount, and Fuji’s success at exploiting under-served niches may come to a crashing end.

Not that Fuji is defined by its alternative sensor sizes alone. Fuji fans like the interface, camera controls and its unusual photo site pattern on its sensors that they often imagine give their images a special oomph.

It is likely the landscape photographer market that is the most desirable niche that Canon and Sony may find tempting. In the past year, the number of Fuji-shooting landscape influencers has risen appreciably.

The number of cameras shooting 45 megapixels are higher is now a significant share of the high-end mirrorless market, with the Canon R3 being the main exception today. This has led to the gradual disabusing of certain myths, such as there being a diminishing rate of return for image quality benefits with higher resolutions (not true for some shots), or that workflow grinds to a halt due to the larger files (a problem mostly fixed long ago). Those higher resolutions also provide a way for photographers to set their work apart from pictures made by amateurs with $2,000 cameras.

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