OM-1 ‘Wow’ Camera Image Quality a Smidge Improved

Mar 8, 2022 | Bodies, MFT, News, Other

OM System’s new flagship, the OM-1 would have been better heralded had it not come out about the same time as Panasonic’s GH-6. But even so, calling it a “wow” camera is a little bit of a stretch. The pixel peepers have gotten to it, specifically DPReview’s Richard Butler, and he finds it a noticeable improvement in some narrow areas.

wow camera OM System OM-1The JPEG engine appears to be a bit more geared to detail, and detail is preserved better at high ISOs. But the the perhaps overly-high expectations of a two-stop improvement in noise performance and a full stop increase in dynamic range doesn’t seem to make its way into the actual images produced.

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