ProGrade Digital Upping Memory Prices

Apr 26, 2022 | Accessories, CFexpress Type A, CFexpress Type B, Memory, News, Other, Retail, SD Cards

Prograde Digital will increase its memory card prices by between about 10 and 25 percent in most categories. Hardest hit will be the increasingly-popular, higher-end CFexpress Type B cards and the faster versions of their V90 SD cards.

The price increases are denominated in Yen, and the value of the Japanese currency has declined relative to the dollar. This will counteract some of the price increase for US purchasers, as Prograde is adjusting dollar-denominated prices by about 10 percent.

ProGrade cards are very well respected, proving to perform at the best or close-to-best performance levels in our comprehensive comparative tests.

Prograde blamed increased component prices for the price bumps.

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