Delkin to Launch Scorching New ‘Black’ Cards Thursday

May 2, 2022 | CFexpress Type B, News, Reviews, Uncategorized

Camnostic got an early copy of Delkin’s new CFexpress Type B 325 GB card this afternoon and put it through the battery of tests used in the comprehensive CFexpress review. The result: we have a new fastest card on the market.

Delkin Black 325 GB CFexpress Type BThe Delkin Black 325 GB card took 325 images in :30 seconds on the Canon R5, a new record.

Video recording was tested by shooting the full 29 minutes and 59 seconds the Canon R5 allows for 8K-U 24p All-I video without overheating. This was with a camera with the battery in, screen out and various eco modes turned on. We’ll be doing a bit more testing of all of the cards to see how long the R5 can record across the whole market selection.

CFexpress comparisons Type B

Where previously 8K footage was shot a few minutes at a time when the camera first launched in 2020, firmware upgrades and cards that manage heat better have extended recording times to the full recording limit in some cases.

The Delkin Black 325 GB card’s specs include a heat envelope extending to 85 degrees celsius, significantly higher than most cards, which typically rate to 70 degrees. The other two cards that have gone the full distance without overheating were both Angelbird Pro XT cards.

The card launches Thursday at a price of $430. Camnostic’s comprehensive review of CFexpress cards will be updated shortly to reflect the new Delkin card as well as one more (currently under embargo) from another brand.

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