Nikon’s Z9 Firmware Update Boosts Tracking, Panning IS

Jul 6, 2022 | Firmware, In-Body Stabilization, News, Nikon, Portrait, Software, Stabilization

Nikon-Z9-preproThe first major Z9 update addresses some of the (relatively few) downsides to Nikon’s flagship camera. When compared against Canon and Sony tracking, the Z9 tended to need to be closer to a subject to track it. This is reduced significantly with the Version 2.1 update.

Panning while using image stabilization is improved. To the relief of portrait photographers, the Z9 will be more apt to try to focus on the eye, rather than eyelashes now – or, heaven forbid, the nose.

Flicker reduction is now included among the options for customizing controls.

A bevy of smaller bugs have been squashed, including the obscure one that prevented the shutter button from working with certain lenses in specific modes.


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