Sigma Chief: Foveon Sensor Coming at Turn of Year

Jul 27, 2022 | Bodies, Lenses, News, Sigma

Sigma’s president, Kazuto Yamaki, had Marketing Specialist Nick Vrona interview him, covering several issues important to company fans. Yamaki indicated that its back-to-the-drawing-board sensor development effort should come to fruition at the end of the year. A new product with the sensor could be announced as early as January.

Kazuto YamakiThis timeframe is consistent with Yamaki’s thoughts back in June of 2021, so things appear to be moving so far without major mishaps.

Earlier that year, Sigma canceled the then-current version of its new sensor. This was thought to be due to image quality issues stemming largely from old analog-to-digital conversion technology. In essence, the sensor design they envisioned was a great improvement at the time they started the project, but competition had already surpassed it by the time Sigma’s multi-year development project produced a testable sample.

The new version, called the X3 sensor, is expected to provide a better color rendition, but to be weak in low light, according to Yamaki.

Because Yamaki was being interviewed by his own employee, the selection of questions is likely revealing in terms of what Sigma has in store in the near future. That the Foveon sensor was a top topic is a bit of a surprise, as most generally expect sensor development schedules to slip.

He was less optimistic about the often-heard questions regarding whether new mirrorless lenses will appear for traditional camera firm mounts. “Patience,” is what he advised. This topic was slipped in past the halfway mark of the interview.

The “i” series mirrorless lenses, which now ranges from 24mm through 90mm primes, will see new editions.

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