Canon R6 Mark II Prototype in Wild, Says Rumor

Sep 2, 2022 | Bodies, Canon, Rumors

Canon Rumors wrote of a report it received of a R6 Mark II appearing in the wild in prototype form. The new camera is rumored to have a stacked sensor – probably related to the R3 sensor, which is similarly hobbled with lower resolution.

Canon R6Perhaps more interesting to more people is the fact that the R6 started out on the same release schedule as the R5, so this could imply – for the most optimistic readers – that development progresses on both cameras.

Specs for a Mark II of the R6 remain wide open, and would depend on how Canon perceives the camera to fit into its lineup. Some expect it to be video-focused; some consider it a replacement or the EOS R; and some see it simply as a lesser and cheaper R5. The next mid- and high-end cameras released by Canon will probably go a long way to indicate Canon’s vision of its own lines.

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