Acer Bests All Comers with new SC900 SD Card

Oct 12, 2022 | Accessories, Equipment, Memory, News, Reviews, SD Cards

Camnostic keeps track of new SD card offerings and tests them against a common set of challenges across many major camera models. Acer just came out with its SC900 series, and we’ve had a chance to run it for several months in four different bodies. The upshot: it’s easily the fastest card we’ve tested, and it is significantly cheaper than the others in its speed class.

Bear culprit

acer sc900 128gb sd cardTo give a sense of scale, the SC900 UHS-II V90 256GB card that we tested can cram in about 10 percent more images in the same amount of time as the next best card (Delkin Black UHS-II) if you’re running a Canon R5. Even so, it costs only $0.54 per gigabyte versus the average of about $1.20 per GB for the next five fastest cards.

So, naturally, we worried about quality. To address this, we put the card in remote cameras in the woods for weeks at a time, including in one Canon RP body that suffered a bear encounter. The bear was only a little toothy, leaving some external scratches on the rubberized camera grip, but it managed to remove the waterproof covering of the camera, allowing the entire unit to be soaked thoroughly. The Acer card didn’t flinch, even helping point the finger at the appropriate culprit (at right). The only precaution taken was to set it out to dry on a table for a few hours before downloading the images.

We go through many SD cards in our remote work, with as many as 20 out in the field at any given time. They’re generally very tough as a group, even surviving (usually) a mistaken trip through the washer and dryer. The quality issues we’ve seen in the past – aside from the occasional burning one up in a clothes dryer – have been plastic housing chips and write protection indicators falling off. The Acer card showed no tendency toward this, even after being wetted and frozen.

The chart below shows our current stable of cards on hand and their speed ratings across three common Canon mirrorless bodies. The R5 is in blue, the R6 in orange and the RP in gray; all showing the number of RAW stills you can take in 30 seconds. The RP and R6 file sizes are roughly half those of the R5.

The red bars show the cost per gigabyte of storage. There’s no question we’d recommend the Acer SC900 above the others.


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