Get on A7S III Pre-Order Delivery Spreadsheet

Aug 20, 2020 | Bodies, Rumors, Sony

A successful crowdsourced effort to track actual shipments from pre-orders of the Canon R5 inspired us to put one together for the new A7S III to be released on September 24.

To participate in our Sony A7s III pre-order spreadsheet crowdsourcing, please email with the following information:

  1. Date of pre-order
  2. Time of preorder (and, importantly, time zone)
  3. Company purchased from
  4. Country
  5. Package (kit lens, etc.)
  6. Any delivery estimate given
  7. Date of shipping notification
  8. Date of delivery

We will compile the spreadsheet and give periodic updates. Once we have a few dozen entries, we’ll publish a breakdown of the vendors used. After the 24th, we’ll start publishing charts of how many are moving out, from which vendors, and corresponding to what order times. People who submit their data will get the reports sent directly back to them.

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