Pentax: K3 III Delayed, But Also Unready

Feb 18, 2021 | Bodies, News, Pentax

Pentax needed a win for the K3 crop DSLR camera. The Mark II of the camera was so poor an upgrade that the resale values of the second and the first in the used market are equivalent. But after announcing the release of the Mark III – holding out the hope that it would be a functional upgrade – Pentax announced that parts and production delays meant they wouldn’t meet the CP+ Show deadline. And, by the way, “we have determined that development will require a greater amount of time for us to achieve … exceptional performance.”

Pentax, long-digested as part of Ricoh, has been having spasms of public relations movement. An interview with the CEO touted their iconoclastic insistence on sticking with DSLRs versus mirrorless format cameras. A regulatory filing unnecessarily humble-bragged with additional information, including even a picture of the Mark III internals.

Intra-division politics of a large, Japanese electronics firms have been seen expressed through leaks and filings in the past, but it is always difficult to determine at the time the greater meaning. Pentax announced no new release date.

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