New Sony 100MP Sensor Sparks Speculation

Mar 30, 2021 | Bodies, Canon, Landscape, Rumors, Sony

A newly-released 100 megapixel Sony sensor naturally causes speculation among the rumor forums. The new IMX555CQR comes as recent rumors suggested that a Canon high-resolution version of the R5 may exceed previous expectations and jump into the three-figure megapixel category. Neither company is yet expected to release such a monster in 2021.

The Sony arrangement for pulling data from sensor super quickly…

Many high-function photographers have been a step behind in cheering for the renewed megapixel wars, noting that resolution isn’t everything. But with the readout speed and high ISO performance of recent sensors, super high resolution isn’t useless either. All of these elements evolving together has made a 100 megapixel camera not just something to be desired by gimmick-seeking product marketing managers. At least some photojournalists are even preferring 60 megapixel all-around shooters now, if not their sports shooting colleagues.

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