Nikon’s Image Software Updated to Spread (Poor Image Quality) to More Cameras

Mar 3, 2021 | News, Nikon, Software

When you buy a Nikon camera, you get the View NX-i software included in the package, and then you very carefully ignore it for fear of what it might do to your images if you were to try to get it running on your computer without crashing. Well, yesterday, Nikon updated the software so that users of the Z 50 and D780 can also decide to not use the included software.

Unloved at Any Price

The update follows on from the August 2020 update whose existence appeared justified for being able to open up RAW files from the then-new Z5 camera, where Adobe Lightroom support was not yet available.

In addition to handling files from those newer cameras, the software now runs on the newest version of Mac OS (Big Sur). Oddly, it no longer works for Mac OS High Sierra, which was the most current operating system up until 30 months ago, which also means that if you own a MacBook Pro built prior to 2015, you are immune to the Nikon software.

For those adventurous photographers wishing to test out the always-on noise reduction of View NX-i, DPReview published a very competent comparison review just a couple weeks ago to perhaps give you second thoughts.

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