Pics Leak of Sony’s New CHeap Primes

Mar 22, 2021 | Lenses, Rumors, Sigma, Sony

Sony is reportedly announcing tomorrow three new prime lenses geared for video use, complete with geared aperture rings, that are the doppelgangers of Sigma’s recently released three prime lenses geared, complete with geared aperture rings for video use released last December. The new Sony G-class lenses differ a bit in focal length and the addition of a lens button. Pictures leaked by Nokishita (below) show the 50mm and 40mm variants.

A 24mm version of the set is rumored to be in the offing as well. The Sigma release included a 35mm, 45mm and a 65mm lens. Third party lens manufacturers construct the brunt of several OEM camera maker’s lenses, with Sony – along with Panasonic – being among the companies outsourcing a large portion of its lens manufacturing. That said, the design and aesthetic similarities could simply be common approaches taken by different teams.

Sigma’s f/2.8 primes 12/1/20 release…
Sony’s “f/2.5” 40mm and 50mm primes…

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