Tamron Tease Rumored to Be 200mm

Mar 12, 2021 | Canon, Lenses, Rumors, Tamron

Sony Alpha Rumors at first indicated the Tamron teaser seen on Instagram yesterday was just for a promotion of some sort, but now its sources indicate that it will indeed be a new lens, quite possibly a 200mm short telephoto.

The Canon 200mm f/2: Never Had Third-Party Competition

The 200mm f2 market is occupied currently by older DSLR lenses that are generally extremely expensive, even on the used market, as they are well-loved among portrait specialists. The Canon version goes for $5,700 new and a good one used for around $4,000, roughly same amount one would expect to spend for a used 500mm f/4 “big white” lens.

Coincidentally, this morning Canon News uncovered a set of Canon super-telephoto patents, this time including a realistic 200mm f/2 design, complete with the precise back focus distance needed to snugly fit a Canon RF teleconverter between it and an R body sensor (38mm).

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