Nikon Registers New Body as Crop Rumors Circulate

Apr 29, 2021 | Bodies, Nikon, Pentax, Rumors

Rumors of a crop camera coming from Nikon heightened as Nokishita pointed out a new RF emissions license with Japanese authorities for a camera using the same EN-lamer EL25 battery that appeared in the earlier Z mount crop sensor release, the Z50.

The Z50 was released about a year and a half ago, and could use an update, but perhaps the most requested update was the use of the better EN-EL15b.


This may actually auger better things in other categories. If Nikon needs to nerf a new crop body to prevent cannibalization of better cameras, doing things like providing only the kiddie battery and just one card slot would be just the ticket. This may imply better than expected improvements in things like sensor capabilities, which would be nice now that Photons to Photos shows that Pentax is spanking everyone on that front in the crop sensor market.

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