After Teasing the Announcement of the Announcement of the GH-5 II, Panasonic to Announce in 5 Days

May 20, 2021 | Bodies, MFT, Panasonic, Rumors, Video

Everyone’s been expecting the Panasonic GH-6 for a couple years now, so when a teaser came out, hopes were high… until Nokishita leaked the spec sheet, indicating it wasn’t even a GH-6, but rather a warmed-over Mark II of the GH-5. But at least there was a press announcement to look forward to. Until that day came and went, turning out to be an announcement to the press about when they’d announce the warmed-over camera.

Above is the newly-leaked front image of the upcoming camera, courtesy Nokishita.

The GH-6 appears to still be in play, likely as a development announcement, but even with that there appears to be an effort to knock down expectations. Specifically, it is rumored to not have 8K recording, but “superb” 4K. Well, at least it’s superb.

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