Tamron, Faced with 28-75mm Bug, Dumps Lens, Announces Replacement

Aug 5, 2021 | Bugs, Lenses, News, Sony, Tamron

Tamron announced a G2 version of its well-respected 28-75mm f/2.8 standard zoom notable for its economy of size and price while maintaining OEM-class image quality. That the G1 version of the lens is already being replaced is surprising. The lens did suffer from an unspecific bug that Tamron warned about some weeks ago. But replacing the lens wholesale with a new design in this short period of months is unprecedented.


Tamron indicated in its release that the image quality would be improved with a new lens design and the autofocus quickened. The reproduction ratio is also to be improved with a magnification rate of 1:2.7.

The exterior will get a new texture, and the lens will benefit from the newly-announced Tamron method of including the dock hardware internally in the lens.

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